Healthy Kitchen Essentials

I honestly believe that having a healthy kitchen is key to a healthy diet, whenever I have any temptation lying in my fridge (I'm looking at you Cathedral City!) my diet always goes downhill. So now I make sure that I'm fully stocked with healthy food at all times so it's a lot easier to stick to my healthy eating plan. I want to share with you my healthy kitchen essentials, hopefully it'll help you stick to a healthy lifestyle too!

Chicken Breasts - Perfect for curries, stews and stir frys, low fat and high in protein.
Whole Chicken - Roast it with vegetables then use the leftovers for sandwiches, salads or soups.
Yoghurt - I always keep some natural low fat yoghurt (watch the sugar content) and the Total 0% fat, I love having them with frozen berries.
Milk - For scrambled eggs, tea and cereal.
Eggs - High in protein and a natural fast food, I love scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Parmesan - Perfect for adding lots of flavour to pasta without having to use much, I go for 5g-10g.
Light Mozzarella - Great for salads and pasta dishes.
Light Feta - Very versatile with salads, falafel, roasted veg and sandwiches.
Frozen Prawns - Very low calorie, perfect for making a quick curry or stir fry.
Frozen White Fish - Add lemon juice and garlic for a really simple midweek meal.
Frozen Berries - So good for adding to yoghurt, very handy to have for a quick dessert or snack.
Frozen Vegetables - I normally keep peas and spinach, the spinach is great for adding to stews.

Store Cupboard

Wraps/Pitta/Muffins - I have an English muffin with my eggs in the morning, but wraps or pitta are great for a quick dinner. Freeze them to keep the freshness.
Ryvitas - Great for a quick snack, spread with avocado or peanut butter.
Tinned tomatoes - Essential for curries, stews and soups.
Chickpeas - Couldn't live without, great protein source, I use in everything - salads, soups, curries & stews!
Butter Beans - Good alternative to chickpeas, lovely with roasted veggies and feta.
Lentils - Great to bulk up stews, cheap protein source.
Pasta - I like to keep penne and orzo, orzo is awesome in soups and salads.
Rice - Essential if you are a curry lover like me!
Couscous - Great for salads, takes 5 minutes to make, perfect fast food.
Nuts - Get the natural sort, no roasted and salted! I like brazils and walnuts.
Peanut Butter - Awesome for a snack if you are in a hurry, just stick to a tablespoon.
High Fiber Cereal - Great for a quick breakfast, I like the mini shredded wheats but weetabix and bran flakes are good too.
Olive Oil - For cooking and drizzling over salads.
Sesame Oil - A must have for a stir fry, gives so much flavour.
Herbal Teas - I'm a massive fan of herbal teas, I keep peppermint, berry, green tea with mint, green tea with ginger and green tea with lemon at all times.

Fruits & Vegetables

Onions - Basic of so many dishes, couldn't be without.
Garlic - Adds so much flavour, essential for any Asian, Southern American or Souther European dishes.
Ginger - A must for Asian dishes, so good for you too.
Lemons - Great for quick marinades or adding to tea/hot water.
Tomatoes - Lovely in salads but best for roasting, add a little chili flakes and enjoy with chicken or feta. We get through 10's a week!
Peppers - So versatile, I use them in everything, salads, curries, stews and roasted. A must have.
Courgette - Perfect for roasting.
Broccoli - Super healthy vegetable, I love mine with spicy chicken and wedges.
Mushrooms - Quick breakfast or lovely in a wrap with other veggies and feta.
Potato/Sweet Potato - I do try and keep my potato intake to a minimum but I still love them chipped and roasted in a little olive oil.
Spinach - Great for salads, more taste and good stuff compared to normal salad leaves.
Kale - Good in stir frys, with pasta or in stews.
Avocado - Amazing on ryvitas, in salads or just munch on for a snack.
Basil - A must for salads and pasta dishes, keep a live plant to save money.
Coriander - For a curry lover an essential, also good with Mexican food.
Bananas - Great snack that really fills you up.
Berries - Whatever is on offer, low calorie and a great snack.


Chilli Flakes - If you like your food spicy! Saves chopping fresh chilies, I add to everything.
Cumin Seeds - Lovely base for curries and good in Mexican and Moroccan dishes.
Ground Cumin - Same as above!
Ground Coriander - Very versatile spice, couldn't be without it.
Turmeric - Essential for curries, gives that lovely yellow colour to food.
Curry Powder - Great for a curry in a hurry!
Paprika - Smoked is great for a strong flavour fast, add to chili's and Spanish dishes.
Dried Oregano - Essential for Spanish/Greek foods, lovely in tomato sauce.
5 Spice Powder - Great for rubbing over chicken breasts for low calorie flavour.
Salt and Black Pepper - Adds flavour to the simplest of dishes.

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  1. This is such a great post! I'm a vegetarian but otherwise this is great for reference! xxx


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